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mercoledì 1 febbraio 2012

Translation of the post of January 31

Kierkegaard, the corrupt politician, and us

Intriguing in the book "Making it with death," Fabrice Hadjadj, forty French philosopher, gives the following passage of the Danish philosopher: "among all the miserable futility of this era, is perhaps the most ridiculous ruling with a written claim to wisdom I often come across in my readings I have heard and admired the excellence and today we can no longer be a martyr, our age is incapable of putting someone to death. What error concept! It is not the time to have to have the strength to put to death a man or make him a martyr, is the martyr, the martyr in power, which must have the strength to give at the time the passion, the passion to do so bitter perish. [...] And if the time is immersed in the greatest tenderness, a guy is quick to make passionate. But that would only spoil a rarity in an era when the preacher is worthy of the listener. "

Continue Hadjadj the author of the book: "The modern preacher caresses his flock in the direction of the hair. It 'worth of his listeners, does not propose anything that is above the level of the manger, just some basics of human morality that allows you to ruminate peacefully. "

As we ring true today, and the words of both philosophers. The experience everyday in our daily experience. We live in each other's closest personal relationships with our wife or our husband, with our children. We are afraid to expose ourselves to make known to the other the most intimate part of us, the one closest to our desire, with a capital D, Desire for the fulfillment of our existence, of our humanity. But this is also true for our public side. And 'the news today of a "treasurer" of an important Italian political party that has distracted from the coffers of his party over ten million who ended up on current accounts of companies linked to him. The political secretary of the party, interviewed by a reporter said that he had not noticed anything, to be very offended by what happened and to bring civil proceedings on behalf of the Party, the process (human morality ...) But how can this ladies do not think that we as citizens, voters of a preacher so we do not know what to do with? How can we trust our citizens to subjects like management of public affairs, if they can not handle even the Thing they? In this era of great tenderness, hope the arrival of new young "martyrs" who decide to engage in public instead of these political charlatans who think only their own crib and never the Common Good.

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