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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

sabato 11 febbraio 2012

Translation of the post of February 10

To friends of Il Fatto Quotidiano

This morning at 7.30 I bought my copy of  Il Fatto Quotidiano  and I've read all the pages of the "plot against the Pope" (from p. 1 on page 5). Result: frankly one of the worst journalism I've ever read. A bad page italic journalism which also casts a bad light on other services instead of Il Fatto Quotidiano without accurate and timely. And to think that yesterday evening Santoro in "Servizio Pubblico"  had pulled the sprint at the world scoop of  Il Fatto Quotidiano! The cat and the fox (Padellaro and Travaglio) were shown on TV pompous, confident of their success. Result? The main article, that of Marco Lillo,  is unreadable. Without head or tail. Is lost in rebuilding the factual and do not understand the steps. But most of all lack the one thing that we must have: proof of all the conditionals used in the pages: who received in China  the confidences of Card Romeo? The name or names there aren't ! The rest is' not a well-written fantasy novel. Clear and well 'instead the real target of this fuss: Cardinal Angelo Scola, heralded as the future Pope.  But it was worth orchestrating this whole thing to attack Cardinal Scola? And why '? Scola annoys because it 's considered an intransigent, reactionary, a ciellino? Would not it be 'honest friends of Il Fatto Quotidiano, addressing Cardinal Scola on the ground of the dialectic, trying to answer his homilies and his arguments with counter proposals? I think that Cardinal Scola did not you would shoot back. I know that this time the joke of the priests have done to you, friends of  Il Fatto Quotidiano. You did not do a good figure to publish news of the senseless by seasoned also pages of old and dated reports of pseudo yellows Vatican officials who have grown bored readers. Ah, I forgot: the precision p. 5 you put the photo of Pius XII in place of that of Pope John Paul I died of a heart attack, or is there 'any news that you have discovered and readers that we still do not know? A tip if you will: The friends of Il Fatto, the adversity 'ideological shown against the Catholic Church sent on a land of fair comparison of the content. It would gain all, readers and companies 'civil and finally you can' think leaving aside the ideological schemes. The Berlin Wall 'fell in 1989, but the wall of your heart seems still standing. Until next time.

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