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domenica 12 agosto 2012

Translation of the post of 'August 8

Harry Potter, Italy and the little things ...

Not even Harry Potter would make available to predict the near future the government Monti, too great a risk of making fools of themselves. This leaves only rely on the politicians who do not fear looking foolish ... And if we rely on the statements of politicians in recent days the idea that it takes more and more ground is that of an early election in the fall.

If so, farewell to the reform of the electoral law, there would be no more time. This is a hypothesis that, deep down, like many parties, both those who support the government Monti, and those who are in opposition. Moreover, the current electoral law (the no. 270 of 21 December 2005) was voted by Forza Italia,  Alleanza Nazionale  (together now in PDL), UDC, Lega Nord , Fiamma Tricolore e gruppi misti ecologisti e democratici;  Democrats opposed to left, Margherita, Italy of Values​​, Communist Refounding. As seen, the majority who voted the current electoral law is different from that currently support the Government of Monti and this is another factor to keep in mind to understand the difficulties that arise in dealing with the theme parties.

However, there is, however: this law does not like the President of the Republic, but most really do not enjoy the majority of Italians who have expressed impatience with the current strong political parties and politicians in recent elections. What would be the reaction of people if you go to vote in the upcoming political again with the current electoral law? Most likely it would open the road from a side Grillo and Grillini and other to the abstain from the vote election. Result: a parliament unable to address the current situation, which remains an absolute gravity, because the 2,000 billion euros of debt that Italy has accumulated over the past twenty-five years does not reduce in a year or even in five years without a strong and strong economic recovery, so far away from the horizon. We have before us, months, years, difficult years of courageous decisions, ones that we always put in these twenty-five years, so we could increase our debt, print BOTs and CCTs, Italy was fashionable, Made in Italy exported to worldwide dresses and BTP, CTZ and sandals ... well, this way of life, this story is over for good. It is important that our politicians are realizing this and quickly, we the citizens have already figured out, just look at the index of consumption and savings for a family of these months.

The case of Ilva Taranto Italy is emblematic of delays in the economic field. More than thirty years that all Tarentines, all of Puglia, all Italians know that the industrial area of ​​Taranto steel and produces tumors and no one has done anything to change things. How can a country in 2012 if the crisis is not able to balance work, health and wealth for thousands of families? It is important that the intervention of the judiciary to put in motion a mechanism that would essentially depend on administrative decisions, policies and economic? One could go on with the case Fincantieri, with the Fiat etc.. etc.. all topics unpopular, always postponed for years and never faced by various politicians / ministers (?) that now, in times of crisis are revealed in their drama because they involve hundreds of thousands of people at risk of losing their jobs. These issues seem to daughters of the crisis, but they are daughters of non-management, willful neglect of those who had to think about the future (our own) and instead think about the future of their own or their party or political movement or just did not think because he was not able to do so and occupied a place as a minister without his knowledge.

Italy did not need the moral support of the Germans, as stated in a recent interview, Premier Monti, Italy urgently needs us Italians, Catholics and laity, we start seriously in the first person to reclaim the political arena for too time delegated to the professional politicians who have proven in the management of the res publica worst of "technicians" who are now in government. What is needed is a return to civil and political people who have something to say about our future and our children, who have a vision and an ideal to propose and to share with others and how they act on the background of the Common Good the country and not of their own home, whether in Italy or Monte Carlo.

Who is faithful in little is faithful also in much: and he who is dishonest in a very little is dishonest also in much the evangelist Luke in his Gospel. We must begin with ourselves, with the little things that are close to us and we can change, by engaging in first person. Only in this way, changing ourselves, change our beautiful country and they all emerge from the crisis.

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