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mercoledì 1 maggio 2013

We have a government, and now?

And 'well known that we Italians can not give up two things: comment on the formation of the national football selection from Mister to participate at the World Championships and the composition of a new government.

We would like then we, along with many who at this time are doing it, to express an opinion on the first Government of Enrico Letta.

We sincerely wish to neo Premier because the political situation - economic has never been so difficult and complicated to manage as in recent weeks and, as if it were needed, it also shows act crazy and desperate that the aggressor has shot of two policemen in Piazza Montecitorio. The bomber said that he really wanted to shoot the new ministers who entered the palace for their first Council of Ministers.

Let us analyze the list of names that make up this government here that begin to appear some problems. Almost all the ministers, except the Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Alfano, political figures are of secondary importance, if not technical, of their party affiliation. This, to a government defined by the President of the Republic a political government, it is a sign of weakness, certainly not of strength.

On the names chosen, since it was decided not to propose a government made ​​up of big political party (or the big party did not want to expose themselves at this stage), the couple Napolitano - Letta could perhaps more accurately choose different names for some important ministries. Ministries such as Health or Agriculture, as well basic and important in these times of economic crisis, deserved greater attention and expertise that we find present in the names chosen.

But anyhow, now the team is done and we realize that not have been easy for the new Premier Letta get to a puzzle as to give a government to Italy.

At this point we believe that the government should immediately begin to put in place all the necessary reforms to ensure that our country finally begins to come out of immobility prevailing in twenty years.

The first things to do is, from an economic point of view, knocking the competent bodies in Europe and to insist on and obtain a modification of the Stability Pact, to allow our economy to return to growth and create new jobs. While, from a political point of view, the first thing to do is reform of the electoral law, with the introduction of the possibility for citizens to express their preference for the politician to be elected. Avoid this time to carry out this reform would mean betraying the Italian people and open the door, the next time you go to vote, to grillini on the one hand and on the other abstention.

For our part, concluded these two operations save the country, we might also ask to President Napolitano to dissolve parliament and go to the polls, this time with a real new electoral law.

A parliament elected by the people and not appointed by the parties, as is the current one, will be able to breathe new life into Italian politics and bring it out of the morass in which it is located.

Of this we are sure.

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  1. Will be following with interest over the next few months to see what happens next.