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lunedì 13 febbraio 2012

Translation of the post of February 12

Farcela con la morte  (Making it with Death)

I met the philosopher (as a detective in the newspaper is defined) Fabrice Hadjadj during the 2011 edition of the Meeting for Friendship Among Peoples in Rimini. On that occasion he held a meeting with the title theme of the Meeting (And existence becomes an immense certainty) that is among others can watch and listen as well as on the YouTube channel of the Meeting of Rimini on this blog - you find it among favorite videos.

Hadjadj, certainly known to "insiders" despite his young age (he was born at Nanterre in 1971) deserves to be better known because it offers thoughts on life very interesting for the contemporary man. It is not a joke. In the manual "Making it with Death", written in 2005 and in 2006 won the prestigious Grand Prix Catholique de littérature, Hadjadj tackles the topic of death by offering reflections that help us to live life without criticizing the argument that is an inevitable certainty for all.

The work is divided into chapters that can be read separately and offer ideas to think about different issues that arise from the titles of the chapters: Life Expectancy, The grace of fear, On suicide and euthanasia, Murder and Legal terrorism, The death of God, The Martyrdom in everyone, In my end is my beginning.

Hadjadj writes: "our age full of sound and fury is really waiting for a deliverer, and this explains the ease with which an entire nation rushes to follow a tyrant full of promises or the utopia of fashion."Each of us desire happiness, but our death and our inability to demonstrate that we can not done alone, we hope that comes from another, but nothing a man can be, limited and fallible like us. Death therefore is the touchstone by which we must, willingly or unwillingly, consciously or not, confront throughout their lives. The answer that we give ourselves against this limit affects all existence.

Hadjadj offers his reflections on his answers are in the Catholic religion has its basis. The death of Christ on the cross is the centerpiece of the Christian vision of life, including death. Pages are not mystical or spiritual ones that are read in the manual, are pages that help to reflect today's man, immersed in a society that is of 'eternally young and beautiful and healthy and happy its fake soundtrack. And do not miss the irony.

Hadjadj writes: "Besides, you can learn how to die? Chamfort shows the objection of a girl - because this sentence, learn how to die? It seems to me that we already turn out well the first time! "In fact we are interested in learning how to live well, not to die well.

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