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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

sabato 16 febbraio 2013

The Common Good

Of course, the unexpected communication of Pope Benedict XVI the other day has radically changed in the last days of the campaign, to attract the attention of the media, but most of the people, the Pope
However, the campaign continues and it's up to the politicians try to restore a modicum of attention on them.

In this regard, we would like to highlight a topic touched upon in recent days that has given rise, as usual, to fierce critical comments offset by equally violent defenses.
In fact, what is lacking in today's politicians is the respect due to the ideas expressed by the adversary honestly, a position that has as its foundation the belief that what really matters is the common good of the country rather than your own particular point of view. Let me explain with an example.

In one of the recent utterances, the PDL leader, Mr Berlusconi said that Italy would be possible to create jobs if every small business took on a person, even under thirty. How many seats?

Depends, in Italy there are more than four million SMEs and form the true economic fabric of the country.

This is a matter of objective fact, not an invention of Berlusconi. How to convince the Italian entrepreneurs to take? Quite simply, by applying tax relief on the cost of labor, which would be offset by the recovery (better to say from the beginning) of the consumption of newly hired employees, they would spend the salary earned.

It 'fanta - analysis? Need a degree in Economics to make this argument? Frankly, we do not think so. Indeed, on an issue like this, we consider a theme dear to the Left, but that is dear even to the center-right, we would expect a convergence of views between the opposing forces. Indeed, on an issue like this, we would expect proposals from both sides that, once installed the Parliament, it could just discuss a law that favors the recruitment of young people by SMEs.

But? The Left bubble as demagogic proposal, ironically on the four million new jobs promised by Berlusconi (in this case I have ever heard uttered this promise) and PDL counterattacks by the Left ideological point of view, not taking the theme for the concrete the proposal or challenge the Left to propose a contribution of ideas on tax, which will allow the Italian SMEs to resume hiring.

In fact, a good idea, in our opinion, was lost in the sea of ​​an election campaign where every single political group know in advance can not win alone, but is not doing anything to look for points of mediation with those forces policies closest to him, groped with which to strike up a majority can govern the country for the next five years.

What idea policy we like, we care about?

We mention, on page 46, the new essay by the philosopher Fabrice Hadjadj, Paradise on the door: "[policy] for the latter to lead the multitude to the temporal common good. But how to define the common good, if not connecting and distinguishing it from the eternal well-being suddenly proclaimed? As soon as one attempts to define itself as an absolute good, from his own anti-clericalism policy invents a new clergy with its autodafé and its anathemas. And when you recognize an absolute good beyond, but entirely private, with no ties to the public sphere, politics, abandoning any depth, degrades itself to management and is content to improve animal husbandry and piggeries. "

If we think about it, that's what's happening ...

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