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giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

The tsunami effect ...

The tsunami effect has finally arrived, and as promised the word, has been devastating.

Politics is made ​​up of numbers and the numbers are as follows: the Democratic Party in the House received 8,644,000 votes equal to 25.42% of the total investment, the People of Freedom (Berlusconi)  7,332,000 votes (21.56%) and the Movement of Beppe Grillo 8,689,000 votes, representing 25.55% of the votes. The party Monti has collected only 2,824,000 votes.

If we compare these data with the results of previous elections (2008), we realize the effect tsunami: the Democratic Party has lost 3,451,000 votes while the PDL has even lost 6,297,000 votes. Where did all those votes coming out of the two main Italian parties? Movement 5 stars? Good part of it.

What we have before your eyes is a new political situation in Italy, suggested by some analysts, but in the end considered impossible by the main party leaders. Bersani (and PD) was convinced he had the victory in his pocket or, at worst, they need to govern the aid of Monti in the Senate, Berlusconi wanted to finish second to stay still essential in some institutional changes, while Monti expected more recognition by the Italians to the "dirty" work that the President had given him.

But the polls came out a will of the people who actually made ​​it almost meaningless the center pole, has rejected the policy of a Democratic Party that has failed to explain to the Italians that Italy has in mind, and has perhaps permanently rejected Berlusconi's populism fed once again the now traditional slogan (lower taxes, more amnesties, fair justice, etc.) and instead awarded a transverse movement, liquid, labels, Italians who until yesterday were voting the Left, Center and Right and also that this once they have chosen to vote for something different to offer new policy.

In a democracy, the will of the people deserves absolute respect, however, the main political leaders should understand in time that the country was tired of listening to promises of change in the political, administrative and social and not see them ever made. And we all have in mind what we mean, in what later became largely the program M5S!

Some commentators argue that the birth of M5S is similar to the emergence of the Northern League, but the similarities in our country are not there. That the League was a political movement very well defined, united and unified, all of his constituents had in mind some specific objectives to be achieved and the enemy was clear, was the thieving Rome which oppressed the North with production taxes to maintain unsustainable 'Italy wasteful of Central and South
In M5S I do not think that they are so clear, geographically defined unit and the points that unite 8 million and 689 thousand Italians who voted.

The fact that makes this new political force even more unique is its genesis: a movement created about five years ago by an entertainer, a comedian. Of course, with the passage of time the comic has grown, studied the scripts to address the different political issues and have been joined him along the way who helped him, gave him advice. And in the latter 's campaign, while professional politicians spoke in theaters (where they usually perform comedians), the comedian turned the streets of Italy (where once the political party leaders held their meetings) meeting in person the Italians, giving them a smile and explaining what Italy had in mind.

But now the tour is over. In Parliament there are representatives M5S that will be called, along with other elected officials, to ensure our country five years of Legislature and Government, for the good of our country and all of us. The show is over, it's time Calvero falls from the stage, it is time to enter the stage reality.

We are confident, we expect that the sense of responsibility related to elective office held (as a Deputy or Senator) is very clear in the minds and hearts of all the newly elected members that, especially if they are young and first-time parliamentarian, have their proper charge and the right desire to do their jobs well. For themselves, their peers and all of us.

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