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martedì 19 febbraio 2013

What is not convinced of the Movement of Beppe Grillo

In recent weeks we have been following the tsunami streaming tour Beppe Grillo who has gone through all the squares in Italy (as we have seen in the news broadcast by national television networks and regional).

Nothing to say. The character is not from yesterday. It is not easy these days, turn to Italy and put his face on stage speaking to the people, is not easy. Grillo knows how to use the most of all the acting techniques acquainted to manage the performance and puts you content now dear to the people of his movement.

Mind you, at some points it's hard not to agree with Grillo, a matter of common sense. His criticism at 360 degrees to the current political system is very reminiscent of the one carried out forty years ago by Marco Pannella and the Radical Movement to the prevailing party politics in Italy in the 70s and 80s ... sure it's sad to see that the steps taken are close to zero.

Grillo offers an Italy more public, greener, lighter, more just, more equitable, more honest, more clean, more transparent, KM zero, plus Wi-Fi, less multinational, and to achieve this result relies on the Network as a tool that provides maximum equal participation of citizens, to be responsible policy choices and destinies of the Nation.

At the time Pannella was among the first to entrust the direct radio (remember Radical Radio?) The transmission of parliamentary debates, thus promoting awareness of the work of our representatives in Parliament, helping to create a sort of grass-roots democracy .

So Grillo thinks of a liquid form of democracy, where the acts of the Government and Parliament are assessed, judged and voted on by the Italian people of the network at the same time as the Government and Parliament are talking about and are discussing it. What kind of democracy is this?

How many people, once the charm of the tsunami media tour will continue daily to be interested in what happens in Parliament? How many people are able to judge whether an act of government is right or wrong? And we should entrust the fate of our Government and our Parliament to express an opinion on the Internet from, say a million people? I understand that the primary web made ​​to choose candidates participated M5S of less than one hundred thousand users ...

Radical Radio also has had an important role in the spread of democratic culture in Italy, in the difficult years where Terror reigned and where the republican institutions seemed in crisis, but how many people listened to every day? Everyone knew existed, but the policy in the long run tired, Italians prefer to listen to songs on the radio ...

Grillo in this election will surely be a success in terms of votes and elected representatives, but then he knows that the music will change when you have to manage this power "politics." You can not dismantle the institutions of the Republic without undermine the very existence of the nation.

It will be possible instead to Grillo, indeed desirable, to join the forces, both Right and Left, who want to really change things in Italy and without ideological barriers to try to make the leap.

The Network serves to keep people informed, not to replace the elect, who are called just to legislate and govern the country. The real problem is to elect good people, capable professionally and morally honest.

So Grillo with his deputies, the newly appointed Parliament, may soon help to do something praiseworthy: to change the electoral law.

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