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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

lunedì 12 marzo 2012

Translation of the post of March 11

Religion transverse

This editorial was the title of "The Saturday" on newsstands January 20, 1990 (found published in the "documents" of the blog). For those, young reader, not familiar, "The Saturday" is a weekly from 1978 to 1993 said the Italian events, but also from an international point of view of original, outside the usual patterns, a Catholic.  By chance I happened to hand an old wallet where I kept it the more I read the editorials had caused.The provocation of that January 1990 concerned the following question: was there any sense of the ancient Christian claim considered the only answer to man's expectations? Re-reading the editorial of "The Saturday", then denounced the fear, there is now real:  "in the background the advent of a super cross religion, humanism and ethics spiritualist not undo all the various rites, and the many cultures, the various hierarchies, but lives and is embodied in each of them.  Do not invent new doctrinal formulas, or so it seems not.  More modestly professes the truth in all religions in the Fund participate, and that all people of good will, beyond denominational barriers, albeit with different languages ​​and symbols, can recognize:  belief in God or at least in spirit, respect for law moral, promotion of certain human values. "No denying, we now live, breathe an atmosphere of "political correctness" in all fields which surround our daily lives: at work with colleagues, friends with whom we meet and exchange general views, but also in family with spouse and children to pass on such opinions that may be spent for their time with all the comrades. The important thing is not to offend the sensibilities of others. The more society has become multi-ethnic and multi religious, most Catholics, for a false conception of accepting others, and different from us, we stopped to witness the uniqueness of the coming of Christ, the Savior of the world, the Son of God became man and truly lived on earth in a specific historical epoch. Truth has become a multi truth and then in a thousand opinions, all valid and to be proposed to the multicolored, multi ethnic society of today. The important thing is to get along with your neighbor, not to offend his sensibilities and his personal religiosity (which, moreover, no one wants to hurt either).This "politically correct" is well represented in political life in recent years where, among other things, resulted in the flattening of the popular programs of the major parties, so that today it is very difficult to understand what differentiates one from the center-right political a center-left politics.  Instead on the big issues such as abortion, euthanasia, right to life, the idea of ​​family, school, education, freedom of conscience that is left is like saying the party on these issues to think like you think, we do not have a truth, a position to propose, you decide in your opinion but then continues to votarci because together we will build a better world!What follows from this? It follows that the best of worlds will come if all goes well tomorrow, but today the person is alone in front of his relativism and his choice of one hundred possible truth, all the same, all equally useless. Besides, today, compared to 1990, we can choose between 1000 TV channels and if we move the dish can capture a new satellite with 1000 channels ... but the other question, the desire to know why my heart is sad today, remains unanswered .

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