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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Translation of the post of March 4

Vacation  (from Latin: Day of Prayer)

In recent weeks many of us start thinking about summer holidays. One suggestion I would suggest to everyone, single people or families with children, is to spend a week at the Rimini Meeting for Friendship among Peoples. This year the event is scheduled August 19 to 25. Those who want to deepen the program can connect to the website of Meeting:  and find all the details. For my part, the reason that urges me many years to plan a week's holiday in Rimini at the Meeting is to not miss a unique opportunity in Italy, but I can not go wrong by saying only the world, to participate in events , meetings, exhibitions, testimonials, shows that help me to keep alive and even feed my desire for truth about the facts of this world.
No coincidence that the title of the next Meeting 2012 will be: "Human nature is relationship with the infinite."
The year 2011 was closed with these figures: 113 meetings with 321 speakers, 10 exhibitions, 26 events, with the help of almost 4000 volunteers (640 PreMeeting and during 3232, including 140 foreigners, during the event) 800,000 attendances from 38 different countries (source Association Meeting).
But beyond the numbers, participate in the experience of meeting is a personal enrichment, new and different every year. In a period of major change in Italian society as in the international, meetings each year proposes that the Meeting will be of help and stimulus to personal reflection.Hear about the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (the Meeting in 2009) on:  Person, Community and State and President Giorgio Napolitano (the Meeting of 2011) on the theme: 150 Years of subsidiarity, is not an every day. But perhaps the lesser-known encounters with the most interesting and challenging. Last year, for example, in my opinion one of the most fascinating meetings was one held by the French philosopher Fabrice Hadjadj on the theme: "the inevitable certainty: reflections on modernity" (the video of this meeting is available from my favorites that found in the bottom of the blog).
To conclude, the Meeting is not just meetings and exhibitions, is much more, but this much is discovered only by participating, just living the Meeting. Spend a week's holiday in Rimini, at the Meeting is certainly an experience that, for those who had never done, will certainly memorable. I wish everyone could live, sooner or later in their life experience similar to that which you live, once a year for a week, at the Meeting of Rimini.

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