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martedì 20 marzo 2012

Translation of the post of March 18

The school at the time of 'iPhone

The second work of Professor Giuseppe Pelosi is titled "Kuore, the school at the time of the iPhone."The theme is clear from the start: to school today need to put your heart. But who should make the heart? Teachers? Students? And parents, the family are implicated in this report teacher - student?

All these questions are analyzed in the book that will appeal to parents concerned (almost all those who have a child aged between 0.1 and 17.9 years), teachers (because it speaks of today's schools, but also of what could be tomorrow) and in my opinion could be read by high school students in possession of sufficient maturity to understand and contribute right away, to change the world of instruction today.

There are numerous considerations that Prof. Pelosi gives us in this work, all interesting. The basic theme is the school today with appurtenances (teachers, students, family). The public awareness of the Italian school is not at the highest levels, but reading this book a seed of hope springs up in us. We hope that from this seed to grow a young seedling, which then, in time, arrivals also offer edible fruits (maybe even sweet and savory which is not bad ...)
Carry a quote from the last pages of the book: "... a school is an expression of society that generates it and the culture that wants to transmit." This statement, so real that it seems obvious, is not at all understood by the public who judges negatively Italian school, which is made from Italian teachers, parents, Italian, Italian students. In essence we want the school and that we deserve, as we have politicians that we choose and to vote ... Perhaps it is time that those who make the school (teachers, parents, pupils) incominciasse think the school of tomorrow, which starts now. With the help of teachers, like Professor Pelosi, who live in school there more of us who works only do the parents ...

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