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domenica 21 ottobre 2012

What happens in Italy today!

To say that the Italian political situation is confusing is an understatement. In the center-right Berlusconi silent, speak the supporting actors, but the problem is that each follower offers choices and strategies to those of the opposite party colleague. Who wants to hang with the League of Maroni, who does not even want to hear about it. Two large regions, Lazio and Lombardy, governed by the PDL, in a crisis of nerves with the Governors that move on rails opposite: that Lazio wait to establish the date of new elections, the Lombard would like to vote tomorrow.

In the center-left political delirium similar situations, notable only as a starting point for the jokes of the comedians of the moment that these days are not hard to write the script. Within the Democratic Party primaries are managing to split the party again, but this time by age group, not for ideal reasons.  If he wins the primary Bersani, D'Alema not standing in the general election if he wins Renzi what makes D'Alema? Fights to the death! Veltroni instead renunciation of his own, so he knows that no one would have tried to offer him a seat in Parliament, but next May to elect the new President of the Republic and there are the new senators for life that the new President could appoint ...

The center now offers standing room only: Casini, Fini, Montezemolo, Tremonti, Della Valle. Rutelli has moved to the left but where is Di Pietro and Vendola which are perhaps the only true opponents of this caretaker government that has made more political actions of the last political governments that technically tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent the Italians last year instead we are destined to live. In mid-stream the cricket stopped jumping (now swims) and gathers around him a lot of success yet, but it seems that Italians are beginning to have some doubts whether it is appropriate to appoint people without any experience management res publica, a public good that is more "important" in Parma.

If this is the scenario, in a few months for those Italians should go to vote? Among other things, for now a new electoral law has not yet been approved by Parliament, then you should still vote with the candidates chosen by the secretariats of the parties (without considering that there are parties that do not even have the answer, but perhaps only a secretary). And the programs? Someone hears talk seriously about programs?

Unfortunately, the real problem is that Italy and that will necessarily have to be addressed and hopefully resolved in the next parliamentary term is the reduction of the public debt, those 2,000 billion euro in vain that make each maneuver or financial stability. I'm 80/90 billion euro a year in interest we pay that prevent us from out of the downward spiral. This is the real issue that the parties who are applying to govern Italy must study and must explain how they intend to solve. The rest is just talk. And the Italians fear that we are tired of talk. If there is no clarity on economic issues, on this economic issue whose solution will make it really possible to talk about recovery, work and everything else, the Italians do not go to vote. Abstention is the real enemy that political parties should be afraid, not the Cricket vessel.

You definitely need politicians who have new ideas to deal with the new times we are living. The recession may be a stimulus for developing new ideas, new thoughts, devise new solutions to old problems. For example, the Northern League in Lombardy say vote now for the regional cost € 50 million that could be saved if you were to vote in the spring along with policies. Apart from the fact that no one can know what "would cost" six months of campaigning to Lombardy, but who said that the members of the polling stations are to be paid in cash? Who said you can not save money by avoiding printing all that paper and all those records (who was a member of a polling station know what I mean) then nobody is going to read and watch? You could reduce the bureaucracy of a polling place and the people who work for two days at a polling station may receive a voucher to be spent within 12 months for services rendered by the public administration. For example, they might be spent in Mail, at the ASL or to pay fines or penalties or invent other solutions.

The state (in the broadest sense) thus avoids immediate cash outflows and divide over twelve months, not to mention that someone could even lose the voucher ... (oops, I did not write it).

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