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martedì 2 ottobre 2012

Translation of the post of 'September 30

Alea iacta est

It is now clear we are in the election campaign. This week Channel 4 aired in prime time on the first film in the series of Don Camillo and Peppone, this unmistakable signal that the electoral duel began. The rest always in the week, the United States, the Premier Monti  releasing three interviews with three different television networks, started by saying that he would end up saying that candidate if the Italians call him, would not miss his contribution to the welfare of the country. It is not yet clear how Italians should enlist. In fact, typical language from the campaign.

But what the political landscape looks in the eyes of the Italians?

In the center-right PDL is increasingly in crisis black and still can not find the key to the problem: Berlusconi nominate or not nominate Berlusconi in the next election? Given that Berlusconi will decide what will decide the PDL. Of course the former Premier, who yesterday made ​​seventy-six, will not be like the descent into the field finally made ​​official the President of Ferrari, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who, with his Foundation Italia Futura, will try to occupy the space just disappointed with the election of PDL. Italia Futura then openly support the Monti  Bis wink wink to the centrist UDC Casini and Fini's Futuro e Libertà which aims with his new movement Mille per l'Italia. This is what is happening in the center-right Italian anti-politics scared that now pervades large sections of civil society and which makes the movement of grillini a possible election outcome. It is no coincidence that Grillo has branded the U.S. Monti choice not to exclude his new political commitment as a rigor montis. For now, the Lega Nord is no stranger to possible alliances with former allies, but not ruled out a possible rethinking of Maroni because it is clear that only in national elections, the League would not get a great result.

Moving a little to the left, the Democratic Party has first to chew and digest large bite, which is proving to sour taste, primaries, which, moreover, has designed, prepared and cooked by myself. Then, once that Italians have clear which leader and which program will have the PD, we hope that will happen soon, it will be possible to assess the possible alliances. Which basically can be summarized as: o look at the center and make a coalition "save Italy" with Casini, Fini and Montezemolo, like the one that ruled in Germany in recent years, with Prime Minister Monti or look to the left where, however, is of Peter disagrees with care Monti that instead the PD has helped to support and where it is, even more distant politically, Vendola with SEL that will not even hear of Monti & co.

While this policy is still hot magma is moving around us, a question I would like to remind all the Italians that in six months will have to decide to which political group to entrust the future of Italy, but with the electoral law which will go to vote?

Because it is clear that if the rules of the game do not change, Parliament will be on hand to another five years to persons chosen and appointed not by us, but by the political parties and then I find it hard to believe that a Parliament thus elected can successfully deal with a constituent phase and true renewal of Italian society. The time required to change the electoral law still exist, but the days are ending and the impression is that at the end of this law face the most comfortable, the PDL who proposed and voted in his time with the Lega and also to PD who had rejected but now perhaps being re-evaluated.

Without a new electoral law, I fear that all parties are making efforts to propose a new dress "clean" and in order for the elections are useless. It 'good that our politicians know it, this time the Italians are not willing to make concessions to anyone. If the names of the candidates will be the usual suspects, the anti-politics and win the turnout and that we should not augurarcelo for any reason.

Last little thought provoking, but not so: and if we asked you to apply Italian Premier Italy in a foreign leader?

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