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lunedì 29 ottobre 2012

Berlusconi, Einstein and twenty years lost

I personally believe negative political experience of the last twenty years lived by the Italians. All governments that have followed, the center-right as the center-left, have not been able to carry out the reforms that were needed to advance the country. And the proof is the current situation that we are experiencing. It 's true that the crisis is general, but Italy is facing the most difficulty with the other European countries comparable in economic terms (Germany, France, England).

And then listen to the live broadcast yesterday afternoon campaign rally (out of time to tell the truth as you vote today in Sicily) former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi over Italy that would, I suggested some reflections.

The first consideration is the confirmation that we have literally lost twenty years. In Italy we were unable to carry out any real reform in the country. The evils of justice that are so dear to Berlusconi has denied that there are: processes are too long in time, a corporation, one of the judges, which certainly plays a big job, but that seems to enjoy the privilege of making a mistake with impunity (I quote just a name: Enzo Tortora). The reform of the labor market, which has yielded good results in Germany and France, we have produced for young people only temporary occupation renewed indefinitely. School reform, a key part for a true reform of the Country, has not been able so far to call into play good in the world of teachers (who do not feel valued in their social role). I touched on three topics examples, but you could continue because, beyond the forty reforms carried out by the governments former Premier Berlusconi remember yesterday (but list them), the only reform implemented in Italy and cited was that of the High speed. In this regard, one could argue whether it was worth spending the billions of Euros invested in high speed (or those already spent on projects on the bridge of the Strait of Messina) to Rome from Milan one hour before (then when you lose hours in traffic) instead of investing those funds, for example, in the care of our territory that was completely abandoned in recent decades because municipalities do not have funds for maintenance of roads, river beds, safety of the hills, the coast etc..

The second point is that not only the Italian political class over the last twenty years has not proved equal to the tasks that awaited, but also the entrepreneurial class has not been able to make to the nation that leap forward needed to continue to grow. Personality as Giovanni Agnelli, Adriano Olivetti, Enrico Mattei, Leopoldo Pirelli to name a few entrepreneurs, beyond the personal judgment that each may have had an entrepreneurial vision and have pursued by entrepreneurs, bringing benefits to the whole country. Unfortunately, these characters have had some worthy successors and the only contractor that maybe you could add to this list, Berlusconi has chosen to occupy a field, political, he does not competed. In fact, in any civilized Country an entrepreneur owner of the largest private television network with the addition of newspapers and investments in banks and insurance companies could add to itself even political power derived from his position as Prime Minister. And all this for years.

This was perhaps the most extraordinary anomaly that the Italian system has had to endure over the past twenty years. Delete it at the time would unlock a political stalemate which is perhaps the origin of many reforms missed. There was divided between supporters and against Berlusconi and almost all the laws that are proposed in Parliament were seen by their respective political parties in this respect and thus promoted or shot down as a result, not a true value judgment that these measures could lead itself.

The current crisis that we are experiencing economic crisis is yes, but it is also a crisis of confidence. We need a serious reflection by all and revise our ideas and our opinions and perhaps realize that some models of development, advertising, false comfort that have been proposed in recent years does not really lead anywhere.

Albert Einstein wrote in 1931 in Mein Wetbild: "We do not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. The crisis can be a great blessing for the people and nations because the crisis brings progress. "

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