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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

domenica 17 giugno 2012

Translation of the post of June, 13

We are all Athenians

Plato was born in Athens in 428 BC. Aristotle, his pupil, was born in Stagira in 384.

Only with these two names to emerge from our memory the remembrance of their contribution to the formation of European thought on the part of Greece. Not to mention a contribution of 2,500 years old. Without the thought and writings of Plato and Aristotle, our present civilization "Western" would be different.

What I mean by this start? Europe today is simply that, rather, the European Union can not deal with Greece, the Greeks, like the last wheel of the European wobbly wagon. The greek people deserve more respect for their past and the present, fraught with difficulties not attributable entirely to him.

After almost seven years to "cure" economic / financial by the European bodies, it is clear that the prescribed therapy to Greece was wrong, at least in time, but probably also in the method. You can not tighten fiscal discipline and tax cuts and ask for wages and pensions in a few years pretending to balance the public of a country of slightly more than ten million inhabitants without major manufacturing corporations and no natural resources to exploit. It does not take a degree in economics to understand this, just common sense. For example, the billions of euros granted to Greece in the past seven years, in exchange for tighter fiscal crisis that has produced only more, without growth and development, are much lower than those granted by the ECB at the end of 2011 and the 'beginning of 2012, European banks, but without these banks were nationalized and not caring how these banks spend money resources received. There was no set policy for their downsizing, austerity, rigor in how to behave towards finance unregulated (OTC).

It is therefore necessary to address the problem with another perspective, if you want to solve. We must admit that it is wrong and needs to be done by the different European political choices if you want to avoid the situation in Greece precipitate and brings with it more serious and severe problems that would undermine the root of the estate of the same European Union with its single currency.

One day, historians will explain what went wrong in the first ten years of the single currency. Certainly today, beyond the outcome of the elections to be held in Greece next Sunday, more than elections that have the flavor of a referendum for or against the penalty requested by the European troika, we all hope that the European Union know how to find a new way of approaching the situation in Greece. The European common good should prevail over interests, yet often conflicting, major European countries.

Otherwise we must have the courage to admit that the union economic policy of the states comprising the Old Continent was just utopia. But this failure would fall only on the current European politicians who are proving to be short-sighted and unable to field new ideas to tackle new challenges. The people, young Europeans are asking for more Europe, not less Europe.

As Thomas Mann wrote, at different times from ours, in The Magic Mountain (1924): "Europe is the land of the rebellion, and the critics of reform." I think this discussion is valid even today. I think now the time has come to rebel against this present opaque, to criticize what has been done so far, but it's also time to reform and come up with a new idea of ​​the European Union, closer to the people and less to politicians bureaucrats and finance. And Sunday, June 17 we can only feel closer to the citizens of Athens.

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