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sabato 23 giugno 2012

Translation of the post of June, 21

Europe is safe, but Greece?

Europe has been "saved" by the greek vote of June 17 , but Greece will be able to save herself as well?

Many hoped that the elections in Greece go as indeed they did, with the victory of parties per euro, but perhaps very few believed. And now, what has changed after this vote?

Certainly the financial speculation for some time will relax and stop to feel its grip on markets and on the exchanges, but then? Then come the greek GDP data for the second quarter of 2012 and then in the third quarter and year-end and then I do not think that the data will be comforting ... And meanwhile the greek government has launched operations in favor of growth and economic development for businesses no longer exist, and dismissing employees who have failed. This is the scenario if things continue as now. The tragedy is that things would be just as bad if Greece finally decided to leave the single currency. Should be bad for the Greeks, and should be bad for Europe.

And then what?

It should take a step forward towards European integration that is more political than we have now. All countries, from Germany to begin, if they really want out of this crisis is not just financial and economic, but also of ideals and political confidence in the ability of Europe to speak with one voice in the world, must refrain from piece of sovereignty and transfer it to the European institutions.

Only then will Europe be able to break the cycle of speculation, speaking with one voice. Only when we have found a way to harmonize the economies of different regions of Europe, when we have unified control of the territory (military only), when we have unified tax policy and redistribution of income, when we have a single foreign policy and not divided as it is today, still ready to defend national interests, only then will Europe be recognized in the eyes of the world as a unique, like a true Federal Union of States modeled on the United States of America.

Having a single currency without all this behind them is useless. It serves only to strengthen, within the Union, the strongest economies and with fewer deficits at the expense of the most indebted countries with structural problems.

It 's time that we, Europeans, we become aware of this truth. Moreover, looking back at the past 65 years, we would be amazed at the progress made since the Second World War and the spiritual and material welfare is reached. Of course you can not grow indefinitely without stopping and without thinking about where we want to go.

The world today is not more than 65 years ago. So it is just and reasonable to stop and think because of this crisis could result in a new Europe stronger and more united than before. And this we must hope so most Italians, because the domestic political landscape leaves little hope for the future of our children ...

Gustavo Zagrebelsky wrote in 2008 in his book Against the ethics of truth: "If Europe ever give you a real Constitution, when he will be actively reflecting upon itself, again in comparison with America. This time to answer the question: who we really are, what really sets us apart, you always want to be someone and something, and not merely an offshoot. "

And what kind of Europe we want to be?

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