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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

lunedì 4 giugno 2012

Translation of the post of June, 3

From Milan to Philadelphia

With the Holy Mass celebrated at the airfield at Bresso front of a million people, the Pope concluded this morning, the VII World Meeting of Families held in Milan. What remains of this week conceived and dedicated by the Church to the family? Beyond all that has been said in defense of the family as the main place for the human and spiritual growth of our children, we hope that tomorrow, in Italy, foreign exchange policy in favor of families. It changes with concrete attitudes with actions aimed at supporting families, especially those more and those who take charge of situations in which there is a sick man, grave, or an elderly person no longer viable. Italy is the country where all the politicians in their speeches supporting the family, promising policies to benefit and advantage, but then the country, in Europe, lagging behind the concrete realization of these speeches.

The way to help families have the most varied and can be implemented even in times of economic crisis. It may be coincidence that the countries in Europe, which help more families in different ways (Germany and France for example) suffer less from this difficult period? Certainly not enough to help families recover from the crisis, but it would be a good starting point. Hopefully this week dedicated to the family is the turning point because from tomorrow everyone can take practical action to support families, to have in place plans and tangible actions. Italians are now ripe to assess the seriousness of the policies and proposals in a year the government elections, which occur not easy for the parties, given the continuing economic crisis, surely reward those forces that have most consistently supported the Italian families.

We hope that in Philadelphia, in 2015, the Italian families may be present at the meeting by telling the world the change taking place in our country. We thank all the Church has brought to the attention of us all this fundamental theme is the theme of the family, the first cell from which originates the social and civic life of every nation and in which every human being is recognized. No coincidence that Jesus, the Son of God entered the history of man through the Holy Family of Mary and Joseph.

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