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sabato 21 gennaio 2012

Translation of the post of January 21

The crisis of Fincantieri.

Of all the industrial crisis in recent months are filling the pages of newspapers and news programs on our TV, perhaps one that is more "absurd" and inexplicable to simple minds like ours is the one that has invested Fincantieri.
The reason: lack of jobs. Lack of jobs? But who has directed Fincantieri in recent years? Santa Claus?

How many months / years it takes to build a cruise ship, to complete a contract? And in the meantime those who have to deal with about ten thousand people to work with families in the world does not seek to find new work and new orders? But cruise ships are no longer in fashion, they say. So what? A worker who is building a cruise ship can not build a ship container carrier or a ferry or a military ship or a tug? Of course those who had to go around the world to seek new orders and did not do it, sooner or later will realize that the problem of the work is presented.
But more than that, remember these names: Antonio Marzano, from June 2001 to April 2005; Claudio Scajola until May 2006, Pier Luigi Bersani from May 2006 to May 2008 Claudio Scajola again until May 2010, then President of the Interim Minister Berlusconi and, finally, from October 2010 to November 2011 Paul Romans. The current Corrado Passera not consider having just been appointed.These are the names of the Ministers of Economic Development for the last ten years. These are the names that are ultimately responsible for the failure of economic development policy that has been non-existent in Italy in the last ten years.

Fincantieri is just the tip of the iceberg, is a case so striking as not to seem true. That Italy, a country that builds ships ever since the Romans defeated the Carthaginian fleet with the famous battle of Milazzo, where he was for the first time the world experienced the "crow", can no longer be present with a reality in the shipbuilding industry is frankly too much to understand and accept for simple minds like ours.
Of course the time lost is time, maybe too much. Ten years of total inactivity did not recover in a month or two and the economic crisis certainly does not help things. However I would say that a serious attempt, carried out by competent persons who have a project in mind and seek recovery for Fincantieri to realize you should do. Firstly, for the workers directly involved, which are not few, then this is also an important signal to Europe that Italy can provide about the seriousness of the change taking place.

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