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martedì 17 gennaio 2012

Translation of the post of January 15

Sunday, January 15, 2012 Congratulations to Aldebaran!

Today, January 15, 2012 Aldebaran was born, my first blog!

Why a blog, because Aldebaran?

The "need" to think it's a blog born every day when, by chance, at the end of 2010 I met, browsing the WWW LaRecherche site, online literary magazine with which I work and with whom I intend to work together again. Start to publish my works, first of all poems, written since I was fifteen, and then on political and cultural articles made ​​me feel better.

Day after day I realized I express my thoughts and my opinions on current events helped me to endure the sadness and download the tension I felt for the injustices that happen every day all of us to be witnesses.

Writing as therapy maieutics so appropriate for us hyper people today stressed from work or lack of work. Therapy that I recommend to everyone!

At this point, the desire to place "all mine" on the web where you can freely express my thoughts became tighter and now here is the birth of Aldebaran, the star that follows, as in life we all follow something or someone ...

I have no idea where this adventure will lead me or how long. I know one thing though: Aldebaran will always try to follow the road more difficult and perhaps more long and winding road that leads to truth and will not be easy to circumvent by chimeras ... not for the spirit of self-harm, but because the human heart seeks truth and truth alone will make him feel at peace.

Congratulations to Aldebaran and then wishes to all those who wish to begin this journey with me.

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