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giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

Translation of the post of January 18

The tragedy of the Costa Concordia

When tragedy strikes like the one that hit the cruise ship Costa Concordia, the first thought is definitely for people who lost their lives during what was supposed to be a carefree holiday.

Then comes the big question: how could such a thing happen? How can a modern cruise ship with all types of electronic equipment, to go up against a rock reported in the charts a couple of hundred meters from the mainland?

Maybe a definitive answer to the exhaustive and especially not one hundred percent will never have.

However, three considerations now than a few days away from happening you would suggest.

First, the Commander Schettino has certainly an important responsibility in having allowed the incident. It was the fault of the ship's course and it was his final decision of each maneuver the ship. Why the Costa Concordia was over so close to the mainland, will be grounds for investigation, but the Commander Schettino had a duty to prevent this from happening.

Second, human error is always possible, in every activity and every job, from simple to more complex as it is the government of a cruise ship with the responsibility of carrying four thousand people. So I would not condemn without appeal Commander Schettino. It could also have made mistakes in good faith, but in good faith with superficiality. One thing the Captain Schettino did not have to do, and was the only thing in the eyes of the world would have redeemed: to abandon the ship before the last of the hubs had dropped to the floor and was rescued. Only then would the Commander Schettino regained confidence and the respect of the Italians. The gesture that has made, to go ashore among the first, is unspeakable, unthinkable for us all. And it's cultural heritage of all that the master of a vessel, be it a canoe or a ship thousands of tons, is the last to abandon ship. And in this case, I'm sorry, there are no excuses that hold: honors and charges the commander ...

Third and last point, unfortunately bitter: This story tells of a part of today's seeing at the helm of leadership, across all sectors of society, poor people, not with the tasks entrusted to them and appointed in those places for friends or complicity of other kinds. The examples that come to mind are many, but there is no need to name names and surnames. Each of us believe in your workplace that may be reflected in this process. If not, keep tightly that job!

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