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martedì 28 agosto 2012

Translation of the post of 'August 27

I shall Not hate.

In the work the author says. Izzeldin Abuelaish is a physician specializing in gynecology. He graduated in medicine from Cairo University and later worked in hospitals and followed courses of specialization in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Belgium, United States, Afghanistan, Israel. His specialty is the study of cases of infertility of couples. Who has worked in Israel is truly a special event, because Dr. Abuelaish is one of the few Palestinians still allowed to work in an Israeli hospital.

The author was in fact born in 1955 in Gaza, where his family had taken refuge since 1948 when Israeli soldiers confiscated all the lands and possessions of the Abuelaish in the country of origin, Houg, near Sderot in southern Israel.
In the book, the doctor says to the thread and sign the numerous episodes of his childhood, made only of poverty and lack of material goods but rich in love by his parents and his many brothers.

Abuelaish with unimaginable hardships for our children, is able to graduate and get a scholarship to attend the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo, thanks to willpower uncommon, supported by a sincere faith in God and the goodness of human. The dream of his youth is coming true.
Against the background of the story there are over forty years of the Middle East conflict and the history of a people, the Palestinians, in fact abandoned to a destiny that seems not to interest anyone.
After graduating in medicine, the author embarked on a successful career that led him to work in different parts of the world. At home, in Gaza, remains his wife Nadia, who over time enriches the family with eight children.

The desire to Abuelaish is twofold: on the one hand to improve the sanitary conditions of the Palestinian people in Gaza are living in desperate conditions sanitary. On the other hand try using the medicine and science of tending a bridge to the other side, the Israelis, mostly doctors and men of culture who Abuelaish has long been known and appreciated in the receiving mutual respect.

Everything seemed to be going in the right direction even if living in Gaza remained very difficult especially for his family until within a few months happen two events that mark the life of the author: September 16, 2008 dies of leukemia fulminant his wife Nadia. Finally, 16 January 2009, right in the Israeli attack - Operation Cast Lead - an Israeli tank fired a cannon for error against the doctor's house at the same time killing the first three daughters as well as a granddaughter. Other children and family members were severely injured. Abuelaish was practically not affected even by a splinter. Why? It then asks the author to me and nothing to my daughters death?

After that second tragic incident Abuelaish wrote the book:  I Shall Not hate. Quote on p. 218: "Revenge, an endemic disease in the Middle East, I do the return (the daughters, ed.) It 'important to try anger after such events, anger, indicating that you do not accept what has happened, that makes you to make a difference. But be careful not to fall in hate. The desire for revenge and enmity only serve to ward off common sense, increase suffering and prolong the conflict. "And towards the end of the book yet the author:" I have lost three beautiful daughters but I'm lucky to have five more children, and I own the future. I believe that Einstein was right when he said that life is like riding a bicycle to stay in balance you have to keep pedaling. I will continue to ride you but I need you to join me in this long journey. "

I did not know the story of Dr. Abuelaish, but when I heard him tell it in person and then I saw the YouTube video of the attack to the daughters, I was really moved by the humanity of the man who deserves to be known throughout the world. The book is worth a careful reading and thoughtful and definitely will help us to better understand the world in which we live.

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