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mercoledì 1 agosto 2012

Translation of the post July, 31

If you embrace not be afraid

I like the theory of Barnard, the family doctor, with which the author begins the diary of Franco and Andrea: "Works that life is all under a large bell-shaped curve, with a central common ailments and eccentricities sides of all kinds. Life is too diluted in the middle and thick at the sides. "This book tells the density of the lives of Andrea, age three autistic boy and his father Franco who in 2010 partly with Andrea for a seemingly aimless journey that takes them to cross the two American continents. From the story of those days, the author, Fulvio Ervas wrote: "If you embrace not be afraid."

It 'a book that lays bare your being reader - viewers are thinking, reading Andrea and Franco, fortunately my kids are not born with autism. But reading it, I'm thinking that maybe I missed something. Not the fact that I personally have never done an adventure like that who lived Andrea and Franco. And 'that perhaps the relationship with my children never reached a level of mutual listening, relational density as what I perceive as existing between Franco and Andrea.

Certainly it is not always easy to keep, for life, this attention. It 'a superhuman work that goes beyond the physical forces at the disposal of a man and a woman, a father and a mother. In the diary dad Franco at one point says it clearly: "I curse, but I love it. I do not know what this love is made. I believe that no parent can easily answer this question. "An autistic child, in this sense, is a great opportunity to go to the source of this love. Of course, if possible, a parent would have preferred another occasion, but here we return to the theory of Barnard, the density etc.. etc..

Since I finished reading the book I think of Andrea and his dad Franco as fellow travelers in this life and I see them together from the strap of love that every day you tend to max, but it never breaks. As I often think of my friend Ugo and his family, his wife Silvia and his two sons Riccardo of 5 and 3 years of Letizia. Ugo lives in the company three years of ALS and speaks to me a year just by moving your eyes on the screen of a computer that then translates metallic voice his thoughts. The rest of Ugo's body was motionless on a wheelchair. Yes, definitely the life of Ugo is very dense ... yet when I visit him and ask how you are, he replies: "apart from the SLA, all right!"

You do not know why the SLA as the causes of autism, but then how many things you do not know why yet happen? It 's life that makes it happen, but not randomly. There is always a reason why things happen. One must live the daily life of every day asking to always have a traveling companion who makes you company and help you understand these reasons. Franco guess maybe at some point in their walk this factor and in fact admits: "trying to bring Andrea into my world, maybe they only managed to take a small step in his ..."

As written by S. Paul in First Corinthians, God never sends trials (temptations for St. Paul) that we are not able to bear. We are never left alone, just look around, just take back memories of Franco and Andrea. Recommend it to everyone reading this book, from fifteen to one hundred years, it is never too late to read these pages and try to learn to love each other, and different from you, your son.

Fulvio Ervas, If you embrace not be afraid, Marcos Y Marcos 2012, Ozanam Street, 8 Milan

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