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mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

Turnout !

Matter of a few more days and then the lists of candidates for the next Parliament will be ready. There will, as always, new names and usual characters.

The problems that the newly elected members will now have to face will surely have an economic boost growth, keep public finances in order, promote the recovery of employment.

The different recipes to address these enormous problems we know all good or bad, it goes by the proposed Vendola the recipe through Grillo Berlusconi, Bersani, Monti Casini ending with Tremonti.

Instead, what I'd like to know from the parliamentary candidates of different parties is what they think about some "issues" if we are not so hot, but indicative of the vision of life that the subjects in question. Knowing their thoughts, sincere, on these issues could help us to choose the candidate that best reflects our values ​​and our vision of life and perhaps allow us ultimately to obtain a parliament composed of people more like us, a Parliament more human.

Here are the ten questions that I would like each candidate to Parliament felt morally eager to answer:

one: what does it mean for you the word happiness?

two: when human life begins: the moment of conception or the moment of separation of the child from the mother?

three: think school in Italy needs more public subsidies or greater freedom and autonomy?

four: fewer children are born in Italy, how do you actually help young families, especially the young mothers to combine work and care of children?

five: Italy is a country where the territory is not cared enough and indeed is marred by speculation of all kinds. On the other hand are designed in recent years works great, I think of the TAV, the bridge over the Straits of Messina, which cost billions of euro and that many citizens do not seem so urgent and necessary. What do you think about?

six: in your opinion what kind of Europe we have built so far, and most importantly, there is no need to change anything in Europe today?

We come now to some questions on topics cheaper:

seven: Considers that in Italy there is a problem of redistribution of wealth? If you, as it would face?

eight: the Constitution states: Italy is a democratic republic founded on work. Specifically, it tells us a proposal feasible now to increase employment?

nine: spending review and health, tells us how to imagine our national health care system at the end of his term, in five years?

ten: slow justice and prisons overflowing with prisoners. It tells us a concrete proposal to speed up the first and actually make rehabilitative punishment of the offender?

The answers to these questions (not at all exhaustive of the topics that may still affect) would come out Italy's image and future of our "candidate".

Then it's up to us to judge and vote.

Said Charles De Gaulle: as a politician never believes in what he says, when taken literally is always very surprised.

Let us, fellow voters, this time to choose well our candidate not to be in five years, yet we to be surprised at who we elected.

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