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martedì 15 gennaio 2013

Panem et circenses...

While political parties, old and new, are preparing for the next election challenges, Istat today announced the data of November 2012 industrial production in Italy. In summary: total annual industrial production decreased by 7.6% compared to 2011, the last month minus 1% for capital goods decline on an annual basis is 7.2% for consumer durables down 6.4%, for the production of energy the decline on an annual basis is 7.7%. Needless to continue.

Although we do not have data yet in December, we can safely say that's worse than that in 2012 he could not go to the Italian economy. To those who charge this situation? The outgoing government or the international situation or the previous governments which, having enjoyed majorities in Parliament more or less "Bulgarian" did not know or could take advantage to change the system? If any political leader would not groped to respond using demagoguery, it would be much appreciated.

While the real Country metabolize these data and trying to cope with working and thinking about the future, candidates premier (conscious or without their knowledge) and leaders (current and future) party these days are developing strategies, alliances and teams to deal with the election campaign.
The main concern of parties and politicians, I would say all, without exception, it seems to find a place in any of the lists, possibly "safe" and throw mud on competitor considered most dangerous in itself. And then there are the campaign promises with which the politicians themselves believe to convince and win over to his cause the people, in fact it would be better to call the populace view the consideration that occur to us.
I do not understand how some "far-sighted" our national politician has not yet thought about renting a football stadium and offer free citizens watching a game or a concert or, as the carnival is near, a big party maybe masked by ancient Romans. Bread and circuses!

What our politicians should tell us in recent weeks is how they intend, if they went to the government to restart industrial production (therefore speak of growth) and how they will reduce the national debt from now. Without a reduction in slow but constant of our sovereign debt will not be able to get out of the downward spiral in fact we finished, because the interest expense is too high to be supported and the efforts made so far would be in vain. The low spread in recent weeks we have seen on our government bonds are the result of the latest stance of the ECB against speculation in the defense of the euro and shift, from 2015 (as expected, but with a maximum coverage 60%) to end January 1, 2019 entry into force of the Basel 3 rules about the standards of liquidity to the financial system. This fact, much awaited by the Bankers, gave breath to European banks no longer required, for now, to ensure their loans to asset allocation too expensive.

The maneuvers "political" from Europe have given confidence to the markets on the premises, in the short term, the European financial system and therefore are most vulnerable to speculation, such as Italy, are enjoying a reduction in the spread on its sovereign debt. But no one can say how long, given that the fundamentals of our public debt remain as they are and the recovery of industrial production does not exist. Precisely for this reason, our political leaders should talk about economic recovery and reducing public debt, not IMU and alliances post voting as futuristic as currently pointless.

The time available to us is going to end, the earth rotates on itself but also advances in space! We can not spend another five years in the status quo as we spent the previous twenty years, without having completed the reforms that are necessary for the progress of our country. As Mark Twain wrote: twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

Let us not repeat the mistake.

Oh, almost forgot: Happy Birthday to Aldebaran for his first year of life!

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