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venerdì 7 dicembre 2012

Turning point

We may have reached a crucial point in the intricate Italian political situation.

The primary election of the center-left coalition have crowned Bersani will be the first official candidate to replace the head of the government Monti near future. With the defeat of Matteo Renzi has been lost opportunity for renewal? Maybe. There is, however, wonder why other countries generating Renzi has managed to occupy key positions in politics while in Italy has failed direct confrontation?

In the center-right Berlusconi is at a crossroads: come back by standing in the field to lead the next government, thus breaking the PDL that would see the release of many former National Alliance (but not only), or give up the political leadership (but in favor of those who ?) but hoping that the PDL wins the election (or at least get a good result) and with the centrists and the League manage to get elected President of the Republic.

All this happens while the government Monti collects acclaim abroad and whistles in the Italian squares. The situation of international finance goes on and off, today the spread goes down, but the real economy shows all the signs of the disaster we are experiencing. The news this evening is that in Italy you are lost in a year five hundred thousand jobs in construction. Do not talk about what is happening to the plants Ilva Taranto, the situation of FIAT, the crisis of Fincantieri.

Unemployment, especially among youth, salt while the Italians, the reform Fornero, have become older European workers to retire. The usage drops, even food and make ends meet is more of a problem for families who a year ago were the middle class and thought about where to go on vacation in the summer.

If this is the scenario for those who must vote for Mr. Smith the next elections? But, above all, will vote for Mr. Smith the next elections? Because the situation at the moment is depressing. When we arrived at the Government Monti is because before there were a Berlusconi government and the Prodi government. But now, after a year of government, Monti, the real situation has not changed at all, in fact in some ways it seems worse.

In this very delicate moment our politics if he wants groped at the last minute to renew a feeble dialogue with those who still believe in the value of the policy, the strategy must act in the interests of the common good of the country and not their own personal backyard (see Election Law ), otherwise it will be wiped out permanently dall'astensionismo on the one hand and the indifference of a movement of riding on the popular discontent, but he has not seen the inside candidates able to offer answers and solutions to the huge problems that Italy will face in the coming years. And in the midst of this magma could open the way for  Alba Dorata ... but I do not think that the Italians want this solution, unless the economic situation continues to deteriorate.

Meditate political, meditate ...

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