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martedì 18 settembre 2012

Translation of the post of 'September 17

Sergio, Susanna e Gilbert Keith Chesterton

This time they won both: Sergio Marchionne and Susanna Camusso.

The first had tried, perhaps prompted by the Family (Agnelli), trying to keep the car production in Italy. The project Factory Italy had enjoyed, had charm, Marchionne knew how to present in public and in the end, out of conviction or convenience, most had believed. Had believed politicians raised by not having to deal with a problem from the economic and social implications scary. We had believed the unions except FIOM, that in order to keep their jobs, they had decided that some acquired rights could be challenged. We had believed the Italians believe that after all he had done FIAT Italy's history and would continue to do so.
Perhaps the least convinced it was just Marchionne. While the rest of the words spoken in favor Factory Italy increased, concrete actions and investments were all in the other direction, overseas to support the production of the other car maker in the group, the Chrysler. It is no coincidence that in the States, Marchionne is seen as the savior of his country (automotive) while in Italy has become the scapegoat for not yet know what, however it is all his fault.

Susanna Camusso also won his battle, she was the only one who understood (or guessed) the "bluff" Marchionne. Projects for Factory Italy have never existed and no one else has ever seen. Bonanni and Angeletti did not understand how things really were, and they trusted the word of A.D. Fiat. When the market has crossed the highway to the recession, the game is over. Marchionne at this point could not wait any longer and had to come out, the project is over, the market has changed course, the future of Fiat in Italy must be reconsidered.

It 'clear that we are talking about two Pyrrhic victories. In this story you are writing these days, in recent weeks, there are no winners. However it turns out, to lose their jobs will be thousands of workers and employees and their families, to lose a bit of confidence and hope in the future for us all. Because one thing is certain: if Fiat decides a strong reduction of its presence in Italy the consequences for our country would not be painless.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. At the moment there is no industry in Italy that is going through a period of deep crisis and restructuring. And 'these days the news of the deterioration of our position in the international ranking of the most industrialized countries, from fifth to eighth place. What to do at this point? First, a new industrial policy, one that has not been made ​​in Italy for decades. New industrial policy mean new politicians. There are many alternatives, it is necessary that we all roll up our sleeves and, each for their own competence and responsibility, we start to think about a new form of society, a new way of living together, new standards and styles life (affecting the world of work, pensions, schools, health to name just a few main themes) with his eyes turned especially to the younger generation, the most at risk with the current system.

The example in this regard would have to come from above, from the ruling classes, by our politicians who first had to deal with thinking and bring the long-awaited change. Unfortunately, their policy is the great absent at this time, and indeed the show offering himself our political class does not bode well for the coming months will be very challenging for our country.

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it seems that the capitalist and consumerist lifestyle that saw a totem in the market, is in deep crisis. But the heart of man desires happiness, today as yesterday, and continues to look for it. From this void to be filled, that there is, I am sure, now, the possibility for each of us of the change.

Wrote GK Chesterton in My Faith: "Conversion is the beginning of an active intellectual life, fruitful, enlightened and even adventurous."

Let's get in the game for the first and maybe we can even change the minds Marchionne.

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