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venerdì 4 ottobre 2013

The last seven days

Translation of the post of 3 October

It's not 'easy to describe what happened in the Italian political scene for the past seven days. It is not easy to explain to a foreigner what he is capable politician Italian.

The Government of Enrico Letta, for five months, that is, from its inception, seen by all political analysts in constant danger of implosion, has gone from a death foretold a sudden and unexpected resurrection.

Silvio Berlusconi's party that he founded, controlled and directed for twenty years Forza Italy, former People of Freedom, the former Forza Italy, was split in half on a decision taken by its charismatic leader: never happened!

Political forces, for five months in opposition, they were ready to vote confidence in the government Letta and then at the last moment are displaced by the change of line Berlusconi and parliamentarians of the Republic who resigned his resignation from elected office in the hands of their Head group (never happened).

Ministers of the Republic who, at the request of its political leader, resign resign without any political motivation and the next day they did state that only a sense of duty towards the charismatic head of the party, but without personal conviction. Never happened!

All this has happened under the eyes of the past seven days, while the real country continued its run on the siding where it was stuck for years now. The real problem is figuring out how much it is along this track before the locomotive is touching the buffers.

He's right this time Beppe Grillo, when he says that the real sick today is the Italian people bearing the unbearable by a political class that has been elected to solve people's problems and not to solve the problems of a single person, or a political faction or political idea of ​​the sick, which looks to the special interest and the Common Good.

We can not relay a Blind faith in politics and do not believe that it derives from the Salvation for man, would not even be correct to have these expectations. We expect, however, that politicians make policy taking up our gaze towards the sky, and not looking down, facing your belly button.

We live in an era, if you will, for us advantageous for the opportunity given to us to start from scratch , think back to new life styles , new attitudes shared moral , new pacts between citizens to build a civilized life suited to our new world / way of being in a society that is no longer the output from the Second world War.

Vaclav Havel , in his book, The Power of the Powerless , written in 1978 , describes the situation so well that he was living his people in his homeland : " the authority of the heads should flow from their personality put to the test in their environment, and not by their hierarchical position , they should have a great personal credit on which to base their authority. From here the only way out of the classic impotence of traditional democratic organizations , which often appear to be based more on mutual distrust on trust, more sull'irresponsabilità on collective responsibility ... "

Let us hope that this short circuit of reason and politics, we have witnessed in recent days, something new is born, the body takes the idea that it might be worth groped to reform our democratic institutions such that, for better or for worse, are not the only bulwark to a drift moral and civil that would lead straight to the end of the siding.

Expect that new leaders will come forward and new models of organization of civil life there are proposed!

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