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lunedì 9 luglio 2012

Translation of the post July, 8

Students who graduated in 2012...

The lucky ones have already done, for others a few days to a final "insane" review (which is not much) and then they too will be on vacation. And then, dear children, for those of you decided to continue studying, you are in college. The newspapers and news magazines, like every year, we will explain in detail all the infinite possibilities that offer the best Italian and foreign universities emphasizing teachers who teach you and to the possibilities of bright careers that can offer those who can to graduate. The information guru will tell you what are the courses that offer the best opportunity to get a job with a rapid career opportunities and so on.

Two thoughts I would like to convey about that, but first an introduction. I graduated in 1985 (scientific degree) and the choice of degree course has been very tiring for me and for many months as my head was wrapped in a thick fog that does not even let in a ray of sunshine. In the end I chose and now to 46 years (few days) and 21 years after graduation, I can tell you that if I could go back, not the choice I would do it.

So I would leave these two thoughts: the first one. Choosing what to study at university is really your first choice as an adult. It involves the decision to dedicate at least 4/5/6 years of intense study in a field of knowledge that draws you, that excites you and that you wish to explore and learn more. This same industry a future not so far away, most likely, we will involve young people as workers and then the die is cast. The work is the human activity through which your being men and women will emerge and grow. Perform an activity that there is a conviction can be worst than can happen to an offender who receives a just sentence for crimes committed by the Court. Do not subscribe to medicine just because your father is a doctor and invites you to follow in his footsteps, do not enroll in law just because your father is a lawyer and holds a law firm, do not choose economics just because your mother is a chartered accountant and has an important study ... Choosing a university is a vocational choice. If you really want to work to heal the sick, just go to Medicine, otherwise forget it. Maybe thanks to the knowledge of your family would you be able to overcome even the entrance test with ease, but never will pass, even twenty or thirty years, the test of your inner happiness for a study that has been imposed. Follow the choice that you called the heart. If your teachers are real teachers, the school years should be served to reveal your attitudes and your real interests. Follow them, give them confidence, give yourself confidence. When you force the reality, take place only for damages. This is true in all fields, both when speaking of Nature, is at stake when there are personal choices. Have the courage to want good and support your choice and you will see that your parents, who love you, you will support. Only after selecting the option, you can think about which university to attend considering all the personal factors involved.

Second, the coming years will be unique and unrepeatable for each of you. Take the opportunity to deepen even more than the study of English, now in place universal language of Esperanto, as well as another foreign language, if you can. Your future will most likely have a more international future than they have had your parents and English is the language spoken throughout the world. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the university to travel and take exams in foreign universities. So the invitation is studied and know the world around you. You will be the future leaders of a country that now he is sick, suffers not so much an economic crisis but a crisis of identity, a crisis of values​​. To cure that serve young people are happy with the work they do, each in its field, well motivated and willing. But to be well motivated and willing in their work, you must love him. Today just love the work they do and this is also, in my opinion, one of the causes of the crisis we are experiencing. But I will not ramble over ...

I greet you with a suggestion. If you have not already seen, look for the film by Peter Weir's Dead Poets Society. This film was the blockbuster season 1989/1990 and won the Oscar for the screenplay by Tom Schulman. Look and meditate.

Congratulations guys!

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