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venerdì 27 luglio 2012

Translation of the post July, 26

The spread, the Governor and the Five Rings

How is spending this summer 2012 for the Italians?

The spread until yesterday (July 25) had climbed up to the values ​​in November 2011 and 9 months of the Government Monti seemed spent in vain with our sacrifices. Then, unexpectedly, came a statement today, the Governor of the ECB, Mario Draghi, who spoke of strong defense for the single currency and the spread dropped abruptly by 25 points. Yet the fundamentals of the European economy, indeed the world, have not changed in this sultry July 26 and the barometer marks even recession. Moreover, the negative signals that arrive almost daily and now affects all sectors of the economy can not be reversed with a magic wand or a statement of a central banker. And tomorrow, it will spread? The other Mario, Monti, currently President of the Council of the Italian government, is still several weeks to warn the Community bodies by speculations that could rage on our country taking advantage of weak defense offered by the shield spreads, effectively blocked from German Parliament itself at the mercy of the thoughts of Angela Merkel. Where does this fear of our Premier? In August, usually under the umbrella, we read the half of large enterprises and large international banks. Perhaps our Monti is aware of some new financial problem (read budget hole) on some important international financial group that will start a new wave of speculation from the potentially devastating? We'll see.

We'll also see the development of the story about the Governor of Lombardy, Formigoni. Here, one needs to do some 'clarity. Formigoni governs the Lombardy region since 1995. In these 17 years, Lombardy  has established itself as one of the main producing areas of economic wealth is not of Italy but of Europe. We then faced one of the most advanced regions of Italy with regard to public transport, health, energy conservation, support for enterprises that innovate, develop cultural tourism and business, and much more. This is definitely on the come guided by the Governor in office. And then? The scandal that is sweeping the Governor today is the result of a political struggle that uses the judiciary to get where the popular vote is not successful, that is to dismiss Formigoni? Apparently not.

A person who for many years (when 17) he held political / administrative importance is inevitably tempted by the network of knowledge and pseudo friendships that revolve around who always holds positions of power. As time passes, the greater the risk, even in good faith, without thinking of doing anything wrong, of losing sight of its institutional role should have as a reference only to the common good and give some flattery. Then it is clear that the benefit received, the small gratuity is used by the donor as a bargaining chip to get itself some "small" for a fact that may constitute unlawful / administrative offense. This clearly is a discourse in general. In the case of Formigoni, views photos holiday in the Caribbean, has everything to prove that our Governor has granted favors in return for this or quell'imprenditore. The only lesson to be learned from this incident, but as other similar stories happened in the past, is to place a maximum time limit of two consecutive terms for elected offices and most important related to the management of an effective political / administrative such as for example the election of Congressman / Senator, Governor of the region, regional Councillor, Mayor and City Councilor. In this way it allows people to hold still more deserving for two terms important public works and while they defend themselves from possible temptations to favor pseudo friends. Moreover, this could also be a way to reduce corruption has always been strongly present in our government.

Tomorrow, meanwhile, will begin the XXX Olympic Games in London. Congratulations to our athletes and the London Olympic subjected to stress! We hope that the dreaded month of August to grow both our medals and not the spread.

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