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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

domenica 29 aprile 2012

Translation of the post of April, 28

Recommendations of my son

Adapted from "The King's Business Magazine" published by the Institute of Biblical Los Angeles

 Do not spoil me: I know I should not have anything you ask. I just want to test you.
• Do not be afraid to be stern with me, I prefer it. This allows me to know what they are valid.
• Do not use force with me: this teaches me that power is all that matters. I will be more willing to be guided.
• Do not be inconsistent: this confuses me. He forces me to make every effort to get away whenever I can.
• Do not make promises you may not be able to maintain: it would decrease my confidence in you.
• Do not give in to my provocations when I say and do things just to embarrassed, because they would try to have other similar victories.
• Do not be too upset when I say: "I hate you" does not mean that. I do it because you are sad for what I've done.
• Do not make me feel smaller than it is: rimedierei and acted bigger than it is.
• Do not do things for me that I can do alone: ​​this makes me feel like a kid and I could continue to keep you in my service.
• Do not let my "bad habits" get me a good deal of your attention: what encourages me to continue with those.
• Do not correct me in front of people: I will pay much more attention if you talk quietly with me in private.
• Do not try to discuss my behavior in the heat of an argument: of course my hearing is not very good at that time and my cooperation is even worse.
• Do not try to lecture me: would you be surprised to see how well I know what is right and wrong.
• Do not make me feel that my mistakes are sins: I have to learn to make mistakes without feeling of not being honest.
• Do not grumble again: if you do I will defend myself by pretending to be deaf.
• Do not demand explanations for my wrong behavior: I really do not know why I did it.
• Do not put too much strain on my sincerity: I am easily intimidated enough to tell lies.
• Do not forget that I love to experiment: I learn from this so please bear.
• Do not protect me from consequences: I need to learn from experience.
• Not paying much attention to my small ailments: I could learn to enjoy poor health for your attention.
• Do not shut me up when I'm honest questions: I would stop and try to seek my information elsewhere. Do not answer questions without feeling silly: I would just keep you busy with me.
• Do not ever think to look ridiculous if you apologize to me, excuse me feel surprisingly warm with you.
• Never carry to be perfect and infallible: it gives me an excuse to not follow you.
• Do not worry about the little time we spend together is "how" we spend that matters.
• Do not let my fears arouse your anxiety: I would become more fearful. Show me the courage.
• Do not forget that I can not thrive without understanding and encouragement, but I need not tell you, right?
• Remember: I learn more by example than by a reprimand.

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