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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

giovedì 12 aprile 2012

Translation of the post of April, 11

Tokens evening ...

Two or three tokens in the evening ...

The first: the reform of the labor market. Nobody knows how it will end the affair on Article 18. Marcegaglia win or the Camusso? Will remain the (bad) formulation as it is today will find the courage or the Parliament to legislate on a matter so important? The path is difficult and presents the outcome is by no means obvious. One thing is clear and is confirmed in recent days by a Swedish multinational "do-it-yourself" moving production from Asia to Italy: is not the actual wording of Article 18 to stop investing in Italy. On why he decided to reform virtually the only Article 18, remains a mystery (or maybe not?).

According pensierino: the electoral reimbursements to parties. Why are the scandals in Italy to put his hand in situations that are unsustainable for years? The current management of public reimbursements to political parties for election expenses incurred going on for years. Why is the spur of the Judiciary to urge the parties to make changes to rules that are frankly embarrassing even to think. Because if I spend 100 for my campaign, I must reimburse the State 500?


Third little thought: perhaps the saddest. Today's news: the IMF estimates that in 2050 when the average life will be lengthened to three years, costs to support the aging population will increase by 50%. Solution: vision (capitalist) such a beautiful private pension to cover these costs in part by ensuring risks for the state, while ensuring an adequate standard of living for brilliant old men. Hoping that insurance will not be overwhelmed by some international financial crisis or its Manager Compiano some risky investment ... But there could also be someone who offers another solution: (vision Fourth Reich) because they increase the average life of three years if this leads to a decrease in my welfare and my benefits right now? And then, take care of those terminally ill because they cost so much to the Health Service and are destined to certain death (for example, those dying of ALS). And excuse me, why give birth to deformed babies or sick for maybe a few years to live and die? Have extra costs that in times of economic crisis we can no longer afford. Continue?
For a real change of the current situation need to do a side step and put at the center of the discussion the idea of ​​man that we have and so the idea of ​​society we want to build, starting not by economics or finance, but by the ideals in common we want to achieve. Only then will unleash the best forces of each of us comes out and actually also changed the economic and financial.Chesterton wrote in the 'Common Man: << The biggest problem of what calls itself "modern mentality" is a binary, our habit to be satisfied to stay on track because we are told that they are binary of change >>.Let each of us to abandon our track and walk a little way again.

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