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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

mercoledì 18 aprile 2012

Translation of the post of April, 17

Tonight we talk about me ...

When I checked on YouTube and I created my channel "thewhitefly1966", the day March 10, 2010 I never imagined getting to where I am. After just over two years, the canal are 27 videos, one is in preparation and in total the 27 videos have been watched by more than ten thousand people around the world. Again, all over the world. Just to give an idea: in the last thirty days have seen the 27 videos total 951 people of 28 different countries, from Italy to Japan, from Brazil to Australia, Colombia and Indonesia could continue.On the cover page of the Channel has released this statement: "thewhitefly1966 born in March 2010 with the aim of familiarizing people or groups of people, artists, poets, philosophers, writers, painters, singers, but also new thoughts, new forms of communication , which we believe are worth knowing because they represent the sum total of social conditions that allow such groups as individuals, to reach their fulfillment more fully and more easily thus contributing to the Common Good. "

The video I posted in these two years, alone or with the cooperation and help of friends, so have these features and wish to continue them in the future. And 'therefore all the more remarkable success of a channel that does not publish news of movies, sports or commercial, the band music, travel reportage or advertising of products or otherwise. The work thewhitefly1966 are all the result of an idea or an original theme, developed and translated into a video that should be as expressive and exciting time in the synthesis corrected to a YouTube video (the maximum attention to five / six minutes ).What new technologies, the Internet, allow you to do today is something that fascinates me and leaves me speechless. I could say that what a couple of years I managed to create is a dream since childhood was in my heart and to realize, however, did not imagine not having been able to go to Rome and study to try to become a director.I close this post so that I have dedicated a thank you to all those people who through their work have made this miracle possible: a video created by my home computer, in Bollate, can be seen after a few minutes across earth.

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