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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

domenica 8 settembre 2013

The frontier of Peace

(Translation of the post of 7 September)

Tonight millions of people, including myself, will participate in the world, each in his own place of residence, the prayer vigil organized by Francis Pope to ask for Peace and roll back the specter of a new war against Syria. And 'the manifestation of the catholicity of Christianity. By grace, Papa Francesco on Sunday called on all Christians and all people of good will to take this simple gesture and his invitation was immediately ready echoed around the world.

Of course, the theme of Peace is a theme dear to millions of people around the world.

He wrote exactly fifty years ago John XXIII in his Encyclical Pacem in Terris: The relationship between political communities must be adjusted in truth and in justice, but those relationships are well alive dall'operante solidarity through the many forms of economic cooperation, social, political , cultural, health, sport: possible forms and fruitful in this historical epoch. In argument must always consider that the raison d'être of the public authorities is not to close and compress human beings within their respective political communities is instead to implement the common good of the same political communities which the common good, however, should be devised and promoted as a component of the common good of the human family (paragraph 54).

Truth and justice: two fundamental words to be able to earn the Peace on Earth. The use of chemical weapons used against anyone, civilian or military, is an act that causes dismay and disgust to the conscience of every human being. But, to punish severely those who have used these chemical weapons, you need to be sure to really hit those who are guilty of this horrible crime, you must have irrefutable evidence, at least believe you have reached this conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. And then the international body appointed to impose this punishment exists and is called the United Nations. Any other individual or community initiative of a State or group of States against Syria, before these tests were certified by the UN experts, would run as personal initiative and sense of the word "justice" connected to the word peace as understood in 'Pacem in Terris would not be fully complied with, it would become a new creative act of injustice.

Peace, Peace in Italy.

The Italian government, in office for a few months, it seems that it is now already at the terminus. The next week, while the Syrians will observe the sky waiting for the U.S. missiles, Italians observe the television waiting for the video message, it seems already registered, of which Mr Berlusconi is expected to announce the release of Ministers by the Government PDL Letta. Even Italy, such as Syria and the whole world, would need to Peace. Would need to experience this original government service for the country could continue to work peacefully to complete at least the basic reforms, to hope for a recovery as possible range of our economy, our business fabric of our young without work.

Of course, the tensions are very strong. We had hoped, after the final judgment, that Mr Berlusconi, in the name of love has always declared that bring to Italy and Italians, had made a gesture of great generosity and had resigned from his position immediately parliamentary covering , but the situation is going as we all see. On the other hand, the personal circumstances of Berlusconi, even if it is the leader of a great Italian party, can not pass over the interests of a nation such as Italy that are to have a government that works for people, businesses , for the common good and bring us permanently out of the economic crisis that surrounds us for five years. Mr Berlusconi is a man of peace and at the end it will also serve, we are sure, the right choice.

All is lost with war, nothing is lost with peace. He said this to the world August 24, 1939 Pius XII.

For this Pace million people this evening pray worldwide. Let us hope that the breath of voice bearer of this Peace would reach the people who are on the border line, the ones that will have to decide whether to create a new conflict in Syria as in Italy.

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