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venerdì 25 maggio 2012

Translation of the post of May, 22

Pills election

The policy is done with numbers. This evening, commenting on the results of the Italian local elections this May 2012 (V year of crisis) I will use a single percentage: 60% of eligible voters went to the polls did not. It means that six out of ten Italians have decided not to have a valid reason to cast their vote in local elections, where it is usually stronger than the interest and the bond that unites the citizens at its territory. Try to imagine what will be the turnout for the parliamentary elections in perspective in a year? Unless ... unless the leaders of political parties do not open their eyes in the area cesarini and in these few months left before the next election campaign does not do three things.

First, change the electoral law and allow citizens to choose their candidate preference, which would be desirable not to have any kind of slope current with the law (here appeals to the sense of the state of political parties).

Second, reducing the number of MPs to be elected by extending the territorial scope of the constituencies. It 'a constitutional reform that we have seen this Parliament can do very well if you want (see inclusion of a balanced budget in the Constitution voted in April).

Third, by the next general election to reduce the reimbursement election, connecting both to the actual costs incurred by both parties and in proportion to the number of votes obtained, however, by setting a maximum reimbursement. The rest is self-financing is not borne by the public purse. The costs will then be verified by an above suspicion (eg the Court of Auditors).

Ask for more, given the time constraints, this Parliament to "selected" frankly, it would be unrealistic. But anyhow, if our representatives were able to complete at least three small but important reforms, perhaps they could recover the bond with the voters who were watching in this election. The PDL leaders Alfano said that Italians expect a new political offer: very true. Then why not try to offer it to them carrying out these three reforms, while there is time to talk and discuss with other political leaders? One thing is certain: if this is not done, all parties would be overwhelmed by the political vote, a vote is a vote in the fall and next spring. So maybe it would open up entirely unpredictable scenarios ...

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