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domenica 3 febbraio 2013

Six Characters in Search of an Author

Is now less than twenty days in the elections and what we understand from this first month of the campaign?

The only reliable data are that over the past year has decreased industrial production, GDP fell, fell the confidence of the Italians, but on the other hand increased unemployment. For the rest of the usual routine, the usual Italy. Luckily for us the shock came the election campaign, where every politician can rebuild their virginity, can pretend to be an actor, character, special guest as the Americans would say.

To tell the truth, a real actor, or rather two, we've seen them at work.

The first is that Grillo has chosen the square and the direct contact with the public. Tough choice, is recited live without cameras but with so many phones that you take and you slam on the network. The character is used, it also says sensible things, if we want to limit the obvious, but his followers will live up to the master? When we have to build and not destroy will know to do?

The second actor is accustomed to acting in many roles, but always from the President and does not like to finish second. And 'President worker, laborer President, Prime Minister, Chairman of the Board, President of the Italians. After a year of hibernation media has decided to make the President retired there is still time and fell back into the field, the television. Occupied all possible spaces and even those impossible and sidereal (like the distant planet Santoro) and, as the actor is, posting the first pretender to the chair of the President of the Council is rapidly closing.

Then keeps us company winning actor of primary, secondary and even tertiary (I do not know how many votes he organized the people of the left). Bersani, who a year ago would have swept the elections and would be seated Monti, maybe today starts counting the days until the opening of the polls. With each passing day, according to the polls, the votes for his coalition decline, and some of his beginning to think ... if I had voted Renzi ... at least the secondary ...

Since we're talking about a special guest, but we also have three extras, indeed almost an actor and two special extras.

The most special Monti was a special guest in the last week is back, rose in the real world and realized that acting live and in playback is another matter, must be used. The applause must conquer them one by one, not worth the registered ones. And then move on to a dramatic role, the savior of the country to a more cheerful, more attractive than that of flatterer of public opinion is not simple. Rambo would be credible that back home would begin to write plays on home wives of American soldiers fighting in Afghanistan?

The extras Giannino and Ingroia were put on the stage to make us laugh, to remind us that at the end of the policy is a bit 'like the Cirque du Soleil, with a lot of beautiful people dancing, the music, the colors, the clown ... but then the show ends and you exit the tent and out in February to expect there is fog ...

Who will win the competition? One thing is certain: whoever comes first, must forge alliances with the second or the third, those who today sent to that country, but he knows that this country would not want to see him and his people on the political stage.

One last thing: we did not forget to talk about the text, the content that is recited by our six characters ... unfortunately they are all characters in search of an author who write for them, and for us, a credible script.

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