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Santa Madre Teresa di Calcutta

venerdì 9 novembre 2012

Majority, morality and mathematics

On November 6, Obama was elected President of the United States. American voters have obviously chosen political continuity at a difficult time in the American economy than the "new" represented by the challenger Romney. We are not interested to open a debate on this election, there will be time to see how the re-elected President will play his second and last term.

What I would like to focus here on some of the 174 referenda that have affected American voters to vote for the new president. Among the questions approved by a majority of voters, some have focused on the liberalization of marijuana for a use specified in nicely "recreational" (in Colorado and Washington state). In Maryland, however, 52% of voters in favor of unions between persons of the same sex by legalizing same-sex marriage in Maine and Minnesota referendums were only advisory, but they were always won by the pro-legalization.

Now, the fact that the majority of voters in those states chose to legalize marijuana and marriage between persons of the same sex does not mean that these choices are to be accepted and morally automatically shared. A numerical majority, a major proportion can not eliminate the fact that a behavior is right or wrong, both for nature and the truth of both his person or harm.

Smoking a marijuana cigarette is clear that it does not kill instantly, but the continuous use of the substance as well as creating a chronic situation of detachment from reality, addictive and permanent brain damage. This is what now recognized by the scientific community. Of course, smoking cigarettes in the long run can cause lung cancer or exaggerate to drink wine or alcohol can eventually destroy the liver. However, the total damage caused by soft drugs are more and create more addictive than a cigarette or a glass of wine, even if the majority of voters of a State may think differently.

With regard to marriages between persons of the same sex, is not at issue here absolutely respect and absolute maximum that should be afforded to every human being from the moment of conception until that of his death. The fact of the matter is, I believe in the words "marriage" and "same sex". Marriage (the word comes from Latin and means parent action, an act that gives life) was born, has its reason for being, as a union between two people of different sexes are combined with the prospect of living together giving rise to an open family the possibility of creating a new life.

Blessed John Paul II in his wonderful book of notes He created man and woman who collects catechesis on human held by the Pope in the Wednesday audiences, he recalls, citing the Gospel, at the beginning of the work: "And he said, : have ye not read that the Creator from the beginning made them male and female and said, for this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife and they become one flesh "(Mt, 19 et seq.) Besides being different in sex, male and female, is the indispensable condition for generating and welcome a new life. Two persons of the same sex will never generate a new life. That's why it is quite clear, in my opinion, that there can never be a marriage between two persons of the same sex, marriage understood as being between two people of different sexes potentially open to create a new life. Moreover, even in the animal world it seems that couples are formed to reproduce the species, according to the natural instinct, are made up of one male and one female.

This does not mean that two people of the same sex can not freely choose to share and spend their lives together, under one roof. But this union, by whatever name it may be defined, is certainly not a marriage bed, even if a hundred referendum in a hundred different States should give the majority to those who say the opposite.

Mathematics, in this case, it is only the opinion of the majority.

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