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lunedì 2 luglio 2012

Translation of the post July, 1

The homework ...

In a strange twist of fate, while the European Football Italy and Spain conquered the football field the right to play in the finals (with Italy, who defeated 2 to 1 just as Germany), to another field, the Prime Minister Spanish and Italian, together, they won the match against the German chancellor and against its policy of austerity without ifs and buts.

A little 'all the newspapers, the media and politicians had introduced the Italian summit in Brussels on 28 and 29 June as the last chance to mark a change of pace and send specific signals to financial markets on Europe's willingness to respond and make its voice heard in unison. The problem was that the starting positions on things to do were very divergent. At the end of the line has prevailed that Spain and Italy, with the help of  french Hollande, proposed to overcome the crisis, the mechanisms "save spread" and the pact on the growth of the first fiscal discipline and spending cuts.

My congratulations to our Premier Mario Monti who is more loved and respected abroad, while in Italy the romance with the people seems to have stopped. I wrote the people, but I think the word political parties, especially those who support the government Monti. It 'clear that, at this point, the Italian political situation is at a crossroads: either it keeps alive the government Monti until the next spring, letting, especially in Europe where it is estimated, to conclude the work started to try to get a policy closer to European countries subject to market speculation or political forces in parliament voted against one of the next steps which will be placed on the trust and then mountains will draw the inevitable conclusion, resigned. But what political force will take the risk to reject the government Monti?

Certainly, the measures taken so far, by the pension reform that Labour have not satisfied the voters of the parties supporting the government, but was told that measures were asking us to Europe and Italy was to carry out its tasks home to not end up like Greece to the brink of bankruptcy. But now the homework have been (partly) executed and Europe became aware of this and has rewarded us in Brussels last weekend. And then, begin to ask the politicians, it still makes sense to support the government Monti for nine months?

The truth is that our homework is not yet finished and those carried out so far we seem to all be correct, it would take a teacher that concern them, and would mark in red the parts to be revised. But where we find a master capable and honest man who is able to manage an unruly class of politicians and rogues, each intent on defending their turf and not at all interested in the common good of the Italians?

Should we call Mr. Prandelli?

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