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venerdì 10 maggio 2013

Tests TTIP advance ...

Well did the Prime Minister Enrico Letta in these early days of government to meet with key European leaders to try to lay the foundations for get more time for Italy to keep the financial obligations of a balanced budget. He should have done it a year ago also the Monti government, but so be it.

On the other hand, have no more time, it is clear that it becomes impossible to implement all the measures useful for the economic growth needed to meet their financial commitments and to maintain social order in our country. Europe is the real center of power at this time Letta must try to conquer to the Italian cause. In Brussels, the next European Council in June, Italy will have to obtain a time dilation to meet the commitments of the deficit reduction, otherwise it will be useless maneuvers that the Government is about to launch. This, the Chairman of the Board, has been shown to have clear in mind.

As should be clear that this government over economic reform and development to create jobs, to devote himself without delay to the institutional ones, starting with the most urgent, the revision of the electoral law. Without this reform, the public no longer justify this ruling class with the outcome of increase in the next election the turnout on the one hand and on the other grillismo.

Any further political issue, even if considered "essential" or "indispensable", this government should show more careful in facing and offer it to the public. An example of this: the release of the new Minister of Integration Cecile Kyenge on the reform of the law for the attribution of citizenship has generated just a shrug of the barricades by the two factions supporting the government Letta. If this executive wants to complete the task he is given, must try to deal with the issues around which we can, indeed we must find unity of purpose for the common good of Italy, for the divisions there will be time in the future .

On the other hand, without creating new ones to Accessed existing problems out there, from the inner to the PD and, on the other hand, those of a PDL with a charismatic leader now surrounded by the prosecution.

The next few weeks will be the most important because they will occur if the government Letta will be able to produce those initiatives that, if passed by Parliament, will begin to reverse course to our country.

Bottom Line: After the European tour last week, today Letta met with Secretary of State, Kerry, who was also traveling in Europe. After the greetings, formal and cordial between the two governments, the two leaders agreed on the need to "proceed rapidly in the free trade between the EU and the United States" that both consider it a valid "engine of growth" for the two continents .

Tests TTIP advance ...

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